Weymouth college has joined forces with celebrated chef and food writer Mark Hix to train the next generation of chefs and restaurant staff.

What is Hix Academy?

The Hix Academy at Weymouth college is dedicated to discovering and developing the finest young chefs, restaurant staff and bartenders.
The project is a unique opportunity to combine catering and hospitality qualifications with a range of additional opportunities, including working daily in the Hix academy restaurant, which is based on Mark Hix’s acclaimed London venues including Hix, Hixter, Tramshed and Marks bars.

How could this help me?
We believe that when the countries leading employers and colleges join together to redefine training and skills development, the results could, and will be, outstanding.
You’ll train and work in a fully functioning kitchen, restaurant and bar gaining the skills and the high standards needed for a career in the catering industry.

Will Mark be involved?
Yes!  This is so much more than a name only partnership.  Mark is involved in every aspect of the project – from the course structure to the menu, right through to the restaurant design – so you can expect to learn from the very best.